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Ideamark™ - our homegrown brand offering best in class products and solutions in the space of digital display and digital classroom.


Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards are large, interactive screens that connect a computers and projectors. Users can control the computer by using a special pen, finger or another tool to touch the screen of the interactive whiteboard. They are used in many different places such as in classrooms, in work groups and in training rooms for professional coaching. Interactive whiteboards are the modern version of the traditional blackboards used in schools.

Document Camera

Simple to use and so elegant to look at, that it quickly becomes an indispensable part of your office-ware. It has  a straight forward plug and play functionality where with a single button press, the entire system comes to life. The device has a high zooming power. Also, you can now store over a thousand images with the system, thanks to the on-board SD Card available on demand. Portable, folding, packing and transporting it is a breeze.


Digital Podium

Digital podium is an innovative product meant to provide the teacher, trainer or presenter with complete control over their multimedia presentations and lectures whilst maintaining eye contact with the audience. With modern and robust design, they are aesthetically built to increase the performance of the presenter and engage two-way interaction between the presenter and the audience.

Digital Teaching System

A highly integrated device, combined with central control, PC, document camera, audio amplifier, wireless MIC and other multimedia devices, our DTS is the ultimate solution for a classroom. It provides stable performance and consumes less power even while providing high-quality output. It comes with Intel i-series processors and gives you an option to choose the operating system.



Technology meets Intelligence

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