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Online Classroom Solution using Studio Set-up for Live Streaming & Recording Lectures

A Digital classroom is a classroom that is equipped with Interactive Flat Panel Display, Video Camera, Desktop, Capture Card, Wireless Mic, Graphic Tablet, Etc., allowing the teachers to teach using a wide variety of media.

As the world readjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all establishing new ways of working for the foreseeable future. Virtual classrooms can be easy to set up, depending on how minimal you want to be with your online teaching presence. Before we get going with the implementation of Virtual Classrooms, let's understand how does it benefit Educators like you. The goal of a virtual classroom is to get students to be active learners in an online classroom and to let them “invent” their own knowledge. As students take more control of their learning, they develop the skills necessary to go on and be successful lifelong learners.

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What is Studio Teaching?

Studio teaching is an approach to teaching that can be used to replace the standard lecture approach. It is based on sound pedagogical principles, is very flexible and leads to superior learning in most instances.

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Why is this good pedagogy?

  • Studio classrooms provide a dynamic learning environment where students and instructors work as partners to promote learning

  • Active learning, including cooperative learning and group activities, is the most efficient way to promote student learning, and especially to develop higher order thinking skills.

  • While actively engaged, students develop good habits of the mind and the skills needed to be successful lifelong learners.

  • Studio teaching engages students

  • Studio classrooms are ideal for helping students think about learning and develop better lifelong learning skills.

What do students think about studio classrooms?

  • Students are more engaged in a collaborative live class, when they find out they can attend a class and participate in the class activities as they would be in a physical classroom

  • All students report they put in more time in an interactive live class than in a video shared class.

  • Most students, however, do catch on and in the end say that they learn more and have more fun in a studio classroom.

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Studio Classrooms are becoming widely accepted by Teachers and Education authorities, as it allows the teachers to teach lessons in their natural way and be able to interact & Collaborate with their students. For the students, it gives them the opportunity to attend the class very similar to their regular classes and able to interact, collaborate and participate in the lesson activities in a virtual LIVE class. At the same time, the teachers will be able to record their entire class teaching and post it to Google Classroom or similar LMS for reinforcement, student discussions and assignments.

How Choicetech Systems helping Education System to adapt Studio set-up for Lecture Recording & Live Classes?

Choicetech Systems is a fast-growing technology corporation with its registered offices in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We are team of young and dynamic professionals lead by Mr. Puneet Singhal who is having over 20 years of end-to-end experience in Information Technology & Communications and Digital industry with specialisation in digital teaching and display technologies serving customers across India especially in Rajasthan & North India

Choicetech Systems Private Limited is diversified company with expertise in Digital Classroom, Smart Classroom, Lecture Recording Studio, Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive Flat Panel Display, Smart Board, Graphic Tablet, Projector, Video Camera as well as high end projection systems.

Driven by our mission to transform the way Quality Solutions are delivered & accessed, we provide scalable and diverse Online Classroom solutions by collaborating with global leaders of Information Technology & Communication Industry like Delta, Maxhub, Cybernetyx, Epson, ViewSonic, XP-Pen, Canon, Samsung, HP. We bring forth robust implementation capabilities ensuring timely execution of our projects with unparalleled quality standards.

For more details reach us @ Choicetech Systems Pvt Ltd


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